Good News, Bad News and Thank Yous

853856A0-BC0D-4A24-B4EE-2848CA282687Bad news: Justin’s white blood cell count is higher than its ever been at 5,100. This is far from ideal for a leukemia patient, but his oncology team is hesitant to increase his chemotherapy dosages because his liver screening is still abnormal.

D208411D-FE8A-4B83-9C30-A87CDB9951F5I am choosing to stay positive and trust God. Justin’s IV placement and physical exam went smoothly today. He is tired, but feeling relatively well.

Good news: We have entered our third year of chemotherapy. If everything goes according to plan, we now have an end of treatment date in sight. March 25, 2019.

Some very special mentions:

6F70E4EF-ABE6-4AA9-AAB7-67FA3687CFB0Thank you to the Covelli family for allowing Luke to accompany Justin to clinic every month.  Luke is a kind and patient friend, and it really helps Justin to have his best pal along.

Thank you to Matt and Anne Purzycki for providing dinner to us every week. One less night I have to cook! Their son is a leukemia survivor who is now in his 30’s and healthy. Anne “gets” the cancer mom thing and always brings an encouraging word with her yummy food.

Thank you to my mom and stepdad for also faithfully helping me with the cooking as well as watching the boys so I can get a break here and there.

EEF56F03-2513-4304-934E-4CBACC2DF856Thank you to Don Netz and Gloucester County Christian School for hosting a leukemia and lymphoma fundraiser as well as an upcoming blood drive. Please consider donating to either or both. Every dollar donated for research matters, and blood transfusions are a regular part of the cancer patient’s life.

Thank you ALL for continued support, prayer and encouraging comments. It helps more than you know. God is faithful.



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