GraceSteps is Going to the Hill…

04BEE673-DBBA-4E90-8B2F-A881D411B45F…and inviting you to come along. 

Yesterday a friend drove Justin and I home, with a barf bag in tow, midway through our church service. This still happens two years into his treatment.

This week, I’ll be preparing to share our story with congressman and help to put faces on the number one disease that takes children’s lives in America. Awesome kids like my friend, Damon Billeck, who went to heaven earlier this month. He lost his arm first, then his life to osteosarcoma.

And my own kid continues to survive, but suffers current side effects and who knows what long-term side effects. Kids need more treatments and better drugs. They need a voice. One week from today, Congress will hear mine.

Please pray for wisdom and clarity. As my principal reminded me, “the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord.”


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