GraceSteps is Going to the Hill

52129F0B-14BF-4671-AAC7-AD6EFA1795CDI have packed the essentials, and will be on the road in just a few hours.

The American Alliance for Childhood Cancer has scheduled four meetings for me on Tuesday – two senators and two representatives.

Tomorrow I will attend training classes.

Tonight I will get to eat what I want to eat, watch on TV what I want to watch and sleep in a bed with no kids or pets. It’s a dream come true. I may sleep sideways.

I anticipate several new and exciting experiences in the next few days. Yesterday, I decided to kick it all off with something else new to me – a gel manicure. She took one look at my hands and said, “you don’t get your nails done often, do you?”

No. No, I don’t.

Come along with me, friends…

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