Thoughts on Advocacy and My Visit to Capitol Hill

I am safely home and happy to be here. Other than a chewed-up throw rug, the house is actually NOT a disaster.

I didn’t have time to include photo commentary in my last post. You were seeing the NJ Advocacy team with Steve Lieberman at the office of Bob Menendez, myself in the Senate building, a group photo of advocates from 37 states on the steps of Capitol Hill, and the Supreme Court building just because it is cool. Think that about covers it.

I met some amazingly dedicated folks from the Alliance, made lifelong friends with people who really “get it” and shared our story with staffers in Congress who have the ability to make a difference. Our team had several other meetings, which were not pictured. We were received support of the STAR Act at each meeting.

Altogether, it was an awesome experience in living out our cause and getting involved in the mechanics of our great democracy, in hope of making a real difference for future pediatric patients. Thank you for support, prayers and encouraging comments. They were all received and very much appreciated.

It was a blessing to get a moment’s rest from my cancer mom duties and regular mom duties and puppy mom duties but I’m back in action today. Well, sort of. Justin and I are having some long-awaited cuddles and watching Nick Jr.

God is faithful. Grace be with you, my friends.

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