Graphic Warning

1BCD43AB-93F1-48ED-8608-2E9B98282CD6We are somewhere in time between the deep part of night and early dawn.

Most everyone I know is sleeping. But I am here alone fighting for my son’s life.

He had a reaction to the blood transfusion. High fever. Vomiting. Stop transfusion for blood cultures and antibiotics but current IV is not usable. In comes the phlebotomist but not before I demand Valium for Justin. This is his fourth needle stick today and he hasn’t slept in way too many hours.

Again the needle fails to find a vein. I watch as she moves the needle around under his skin. He screams and begs her to stop. Enough. I tell her to take it out.

He is finally sleeping. But the IV still has to be done. A new person just entered and I feel sick.

Another fail. Absolute horror. I tell the doctor to figure it out but not tonight. He needs sleep.

He is collapsed against me, arms and hands bruised, face soaked in tears and still hot with fever.

Now I think we must be in hell. Although I haven’t slept in almost 30 hours so my judgement could be a little off.

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