A Request for all of YOU

First I deeply thank you for braving our story and staying with all my thoughts and descriptions – the scary, the beautiful, the sad, the gritty, the ridiculous.

And now I have a specific request for you. Well you HAVE been offering to help and all.

Will you join me in the operating room today at 1pm through prayer and listening to a song that God has given me? I know you are at work, school, home, wherever. But, if possible, would you drop it for a moment to listen and pray? This act of community and solidarity and coming together to bang on the doors of heaven would mean so much to me.

Please pray for healing but ultimately for God’s will to be done. And grace for us to meet that, whatever it looks like.

I am including a link to the song but sometimes that gets tricky with those of you who receive this by email. So it is “Surrender” by Hillsong, which of course is on YouTube.

Thank you. If you’d like to shoot me a text or message that you will be with us in song and prayer, I’d love to know. Grace be with you my friends.


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