Power in Prayer

E348BC48-214C-4ECA-9B46-208F8710B7CDWe are going home! Justin bloods are stable enough to go home until Monday.

He will need to be monitored closely throughout next week and likely beyond. But we will be able to do it as an outpatient at the clinic.

We will need to come back to the main hospital next week to have a pic line placed in his arm so we won’t have to continue with traumatic IV placements.

We are still waiting on some results but his doctor anticipates Justin will need to have another bone marrow aspiration to retest in a few weeks.

We still don’t know exactly what’s going on, but he is stable enough to go home. This is a miracle to me! Please continue to pray for us. The next several weeks will likely be difficult as we care for Justin at home.

But, for now, pray a prayer of thanks with me. And keep believing in the power of prayer. God is able and God is good.




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