Cancer Mom Confessions and Update from The Hill

ABE5C015-0A42-4199-9F9A-BB09D00EC633Well we tried to go out to a nice dinner for my 40th birthday. But I just ended up bawling into my Baked Alaska after Justin called, crying and pleading for me to come home (he’s been having a rough time since starting chemo again). I’m not sure if I was mostly crying because Justin is always sick or because I can rarely get a break from it.

Or because I am forty.

But I think it was probably simply because I’m so busy being “strong” that I don’t actually cry ENOUGH.

In better news, it helps to know I may have played a small part in helping to make a difference. Since our Childhood Cancer Alliance stormed The Hill, several more reps have signed on to co-sponsor the STAR Act and a vote has been scheduled.


One thought on “Cancer Mom Confessions and Update from The Hill

  1. I think turning 40 was enough reason for me to cry–until I turned 60 and realized 40 wasn’t so bad. 🙂 Seriously, you are making a difference in every way–don’t ever forget that! Happy, happy birthday! ❤


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