Day 853

Justin resumed physical therapy today. We decided to hold off on casting his legs because I feel it’s just too much for him at this time.

We will revisit this in the fall if his legs and feet do not improve.

A very special thank you to Miss Barr and second grade for sending cards and invites to upcoming special events at school. Unfortunately, Justin won’t be able to attend. We are trying to steer clear of schools and activities involving a lot of kids (and germs!) until Justin’s immune system has chance to recover, as much as possible, while still on chemotherapy.

B05B1784-EDEB-4ECE-8138-9E71DAB21852I’d also like to proudly report that Buddy is house trained and has become a fun companion to all the boys. And just when I’ve gotten used to the doggie smell, he has started shedding. Perfect.

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