Day 967

🌟Justin played an entire game of flag football yesterday! He is exhausted today, but Buddy is there for him.

🌟I was able to travel to DC over the weekend to continue support and advocacy for childhood cancer patients, survivors and families of children who have passed, called angels in the childhood cancer community. I learned that the bill I helped lobby for has not only become law, but Congress has also voted to fully fund the survivorship, treatment, access, and research initiative (STAR act).

Someday we hope that chemotherapy will be a thing of the past. As Congressman Mike McCaul, champion of the STAR Act, put it, “we will say ‘how barbaric’!” Yes, indeed. We get that here at the Pierantozzi home.

I cried with parents who lost their child and we lit candles in their memory at the White House. We cheered for kids who couldn’t walk a year ago then took the stage Saturday night to dance ballet or sing songs they had written. For some, pain and hardship can be well-managed through exposition of the arts.

🌟We are inexpressibly grateful to God for providing through go fund me and private giving. We are able to cover all bills this month. Thank you for answering the call. God is good.

973178E9-1D9D-42F8-855D-00EB3596D340We will continue to run the campaign until Jeff gains employment. He is pursuing several leads. Thank you for continued support and prayer. Grace be with you, my friends.


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