Day 1037 cont’d

26A9E8AB-5BE2-45C7-B844-2C8877A1C4D1The second-to-last spinal tap is over! Also, Justin’s physical exam went well. His chemo dosages were cranked up again, but other than that he is still killing it.

85298BE2-D22D-41B9-BDC7-5E9D43FF656BWe had a bout with yucky hives this past week, but it seems to be resolved after antihistamines and many oatmeal baths.

2B32918B-601F-4738-9754-19936B813457Justin woke up from sedation today asking to go to McDonald’s for lunch. Sure, kid, why not. I don’t mind catching French fry vomit. I actually prefer it over spaghetti and meatball vomit.

If all goes according to plan, Justin has 4 treatments left with an end date of March 25, 2019. He said he would like to have a big party with all his friends, featuring lots of good snacks and fun games.

Me too, baby, me too.

The week after an infusion is usually pretty rough if you can still keep us in your prayers. Thank you for continued support.





2 thoughts on “Day 1037 cont’d

  1. Thank you for the reminder to pray! We will surely be in prayer for your family. May I just say that Justin has the sweetest smile. Thank you for posting pictures. It is good to “see” you all. Second to last sounds amazing. Like the finish line is in sight!!


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