Day 1104

8607F836-2CA4-4243-BDB8-71B5082B37B2Still working on strengthening Justin’s chemotherapy-weakened body. But this week, physical  therapy is on hold since strep throat came to town. Two out of three kids are man-down; it’s antibiotics and popsicles all around.

I was diagnosed with reflux and gastritis and told to “get less stress in your life” and “stop drinking soda.” The first suggestion is just laughable and OBVIOUSLY giving up soda would just lead to MORE stress.

I was asked to write an advice-style blog for a childhood cancer foundation in London. Please see my first article below and feel free to share with any cancer parents you might know.

A very special thank you to everyone who was able to attend Justin’s “last chemo” party! You helped create a very special, joyful memory for him. And thank you all for continued support and prayer.

May God be glorified as we continue moving forward in faith. Grace be with you, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Day 1104

  1. The article is very good. Your very practical advice will be received because of your very personal sharing. There’s definitely a budding author inside of you!


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