Day 1478

E36E7610-B622-432F-AFC5-7619E71C391CAnd still counting. Justin was not able to have his routine monthly physical exams and blood draws in April and May due to the effects of COVID-19.

I remained calm but extra vigilant about watching for suspicious symptoms.

D9A15686-C273-454F-AFEA-10D405B03CF4He continues to struggle with physical strength and stamina. But he also continues to improve little by little, slow but sure.

However, despite chemotherapy drugs being repeatedly injected directly into his spinal and brain fluid, his mind remains sharp as a whip. He continues to surprise me with high level reading comprehension, impressive vocabulary and calculating math problems in his head.

I am incredibly thankful for this, especially since my own mind seems to be growing dull as a butter knife.

I know there are much bigger issues than one little boy’s journey through leukemia, so I thank you for any amount of small or momentary prayer. And I hope you are encouraged by the evidence of Justin’s healing.

God is bigger than cancer. Grace be with us all.





One thought on “Day 1478

  1. It’s so great to hear an update. I was praying for all of you this morning. I had some quiet time on a drive by myself which hardly ever happens, and the Lord brought you to mind. How are Michael and Nicky? I’m thrilled to hear that Justin is so quick and smart!


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