Thoughts on Defeat as a Cancer Parent

Defeat. You will go there as a cancer parent. I felt defeated, and many days, I was defeated, whether by circumstances or my own mistakes.

But what I kept going back to is that, no matter what happens, my soul cannot be defeated in Christ. Now, believing this will not fix your circumstances or relieve physical pain or mental stress in the moment. Not at all. Nope, it really does not do that. It will not cure your kid’s cancer or make you any less exhausted or pay your bills or do your laundry. It may or may not stop you from taking that drink or eating that whole cake or whatever vice or bad habit you’ve picked up along the way.

But this FAITH gave me HOPE.

I think they, whoever “they” are, say we can live through anything except having no hope. People with all good intentions said a lot of things to me about self care and yoga and kale chips and walks in the woods that never helped a thing. I won’t do that.

But one thing I did and do is hold onto hope by the tips of my scrawny bitten up fingernails.


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