Post Surgery

Jeff snapped a picture of me dutifully listening to the anesthesiologist’s instructions. That look is concentration, not disgust. I’m thinking maybe I need to work on my facial expressions. Justin is out of surgery and everything went well. He is currently stuffing his face with munchkins, macaroni and a hot dog. Thank you for your faithful prayers.


3 thoughts on “Post Surgery

  1. glad all went well for Justin I think you missed your calling Katie yiu look great. What did Justin have surgery for. ove and prayers Aunt Kathy


  2. I see Beautiful mother that loves her boys. She is pushing and fighting to carry her son’s dreadful pain and fear hardly ever exposing her own. May the Lord presence be with you ever more today .


  3. Glad to hear that it went well. He is a trooper. Poor little guy. Prayers going up to heaven to one who answers our prayers.
    Oh, and I love your expressions.
    Love, Pat


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