Day 32


Justin responded well to the spinal chemo and is not vomiting as he was after the last two lumbar punctures. We are very grateful for that!

Justin is experiencing bone pain in his legs and still having difficulty walking. Our doctor said it is a side affect of steroids and not necessarily a sign that the chemotherapy is not being effective.

Justin’s last dose of heavy steroids was Monday, so it is expected that his mood will improve. We have already noticed that he is laughing and smiling more easily. It is pure elation to laugh with him.

The results of the bone marrow analysis should be available by early next week, and we will meet with our doctor to discuss. We are still praying toward remission, but were also trusting God’s sovereign will. Whatever comes, God will give me grace to say, “It is well with my soul.”



One thought on “Day 32

  1. That is wonderful news! God is very pleased with how you have trusted Him with EVERYTHING. It reminds me Job and his faith in God. If God is for you who can be against you? Nothing can separate you from the Father and His love.
    Trusting God to heal Justin.
    Love, Pat


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