Team Justin


Every three minutes, a parent somewhere in the world is told their child has cancer. Every three minutes. Imagine that. Imagine it is you.

Last year or several months ago, I would respond something like, “that sounds like a nightmare.” Well I’ve lived the nightmare. Jeff and I are living the nightmare.

We have hope in our faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that our God is a Healer. But we also believe in the importance of medical research, advances in treatment, quality care and expert doctors. We believe God is sovereign over everything and, therefore, works through medical research and physicians to accomplish His will.

Justin is undergoing treatments that did not exist forty-fifty years ago. Before research was performed and treatment became available, children lost their lives to cancers such as ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia).

We would like to do our part to contribute to further research and improve treatments concerning childhood cancer. Jeff has volunteered to have his head shaved and is raising support for this event. We feel that this is just a small way we can assist other families who will, unfortunately, take a similar journey to ours.

Please take a moment to check out the following link for details on “Team Justin.” There is a short video on our page which very accurately depicts the experiences of a family facing childhood cancer.

You can also support Justin by wearing orange, which is the color of leukemia awareness. Justin is very happy that our family is wearing orange bracelets and I know he’d love to see our friends participate as well. You can send a fun pic of you or a group wearing orange-shirt, hat, accessory-in support of Justin to

Thank you for faithful prayer and support. Grace be with you, my friends.



One thought on “Team Justin

  1. Praying through to your appointment today. Love you.
    P.S. Love that little smirk on his face….but I gotta go (need to go dig some orange outta my closet!)


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