Faithful Even to Details

The lumbar puncture and IV conscious method worked very well today. God remains faithful even to the very details.

We spoke to Justin as he lay on his side during the procedure. He was loopy and actually giggling from the sedative. Justin’s new friend, Miss Lindsay, (child life specialist) asked him about his favorite superheroes. She also asked what “super power” Justin would like to have if he could. Justin responded, “I would want to heal people.”

Well, we will leave the healing up to Jesus but, perhaps, we have a physician in the making. Maybe someday, God will use Justin as an instrument in His hand to provide quality medical care or help to develop more advanced treatments for cancer patients.

That would be pretty cool.

God’s good purposes in this trial are personally reaching each member of our family. Michael was an excellent support person today, and Justin was very glad to have his brother with him. Justin kept asking Michael to sit closer. Michael jumped right up on the bed and protectively put his arm around Justin.

As a mom, it was a huge blessing to see my boys genuinely caring for each other. It was a nice change from the world wrestling federation that typically ensues in our living room.

I, again, must thank you for your  unceasing prayers and faithful support. The texts, blog comments, calls and cards are all being received, read and oh so appreciated. Yours is, truly, an essential role in our journey as God continuously works through you to sustain us.

Grace be with you, my friends.

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