We Journey On

In just a few minutes, Justin will have a lumbar puncture with spinal chemotherapy. Michael came along today for support and to make Justin laugh.

Today we begin the “consolidation phase” of chemotherapy. The purpose of this is to “mop up” leukemia cells still in Justin’s body that are not detected upon analysis of the blood and bone marrow by the oncology team.

This is the first of three lumbar punctures Justin will have this month. Until this point, Justin has had general anesthesia for this procedure, but today we are attempting “IV conscious” which means that he will be numb and sedated but awake.

We are praying that Justin can stay relaxed and still so that we can continue future lumbar punctures this way. The benefits being less occasion under general anesthesia and not needing to fast, which is always very difficult for my hungry little monster.

Well I will be in the room when the procedure is done, so this mom is gearing up in prayer for extra strength in the Lord. Please join me in that prayer. Grace be with you, my friends.


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