Day 78

Justin and I are off to dress rehearsal for the Kindergarten play, The Little Engine that Could. He has a small part and he’s been enthusiastic about practicing at home and in the classroom. But he refused to go on stage for rehearsal last week. I am hoping he will do so today and for the performance (Thursday), but in light of my awareness of his recent signs of anxiety, I’m not going to push him. (well maybe just a little)

Yesterday afternoon we watched a Veggie Tales episode about worry and being afraid. The theme was “God is bigger” than anything we might fear. Justin and I had a great little conversation as well and now we are saying, “God is bigger than cancer!” And “Cancer isn’t going to hold me back!”

After dress rehearsal, we are going straight to the clinic for chemo. Thank you for your support, encouraging comments and prayers.

Psalm 27. Grace be with you, my friends.

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