Little Engines CAN Do Big Things!


Justin was able to overcome his fear to participate in the dress rehearsal today! He did an amazing job saying his lines and singing with his class. I know this is the work of the Holy Spirit as we are praying for God’s healing hand to rest on Justin’s anxious heart.

And, yes, I believe God cares about even the little things like a Kindergarten play. Please pray with us that Justin will be able to perform on Thursday for a big audience of parents and students. Now that he made it through the rehearsal, he is very excited. And suddenly it’s a big deal to him. I think this sense of accomplishment has really  boosted his confidence and further success may serve to appease some of his worry and fear.

My friends, you are welcome to come and support Justin, Thursday at 2pm, in the auditorium at Gloucester County Christian School. May God get all the glory as we endure each dimension of this trial by the power of His grace!

2 thoughts on “Little Engines CAN Do Big Things!

  1. That is wonderful news! I imagine that he is feeling more confident now that he is doing more and more everyday activities. We serve a great God! Praying for a great performance on Thursday. Love, Pat


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