A Spot of Tea


I’m having a cup of tea. In Crawley, England. Oh. Right. SPOT of tea.

Jeff has come here to work and I was graciously and generously invited by his employer (Thanks Maura and Lee!) to tag along. All those days at home eating chicken nuggets and Cheerios while he traveled around the country to work. With babies then kids. Diapers then homework. Paying off. Yesssssss.

We brought Justin along. Well, I AM homeschooling now, so I figured it would be one big, lovely field trip. It turns out he is an amazing traveler, not a bit phased by the seven hour flight and time change.

We arrived to a car service, complete with our name on a sign. Cool. The opposite driver side car thing is really weird.

Even though our mental clock read about 3am, it was time for breakfast here. Okay, British buffet and American buffet. NOT the same thing. No pancakes, omelette station and giant waffles here. Baked beans and black pudding? I don’t even want to know what’s in that stuff. I opted for tea and toast, thank you very much.

After sleeping off jet lag and figuring out the currency (England still uses the pound unlike most of Europe using the Euro), I realized that vending machines aren’t really a thing here and Jeff was already off to work. So Justin and I made  the only natural, clear-cut choice. Ordered nachos and sodas and enjoyed some junk food like good, old Americans. The British hotel employee almost popped when I motioned toward the bed as an obvious place to put the food tray.

We are heading into London now to take in some sights. I will try to drink a proper tea and behave myself.

I am suddenly reminded of a plaque on my dining room wall. “The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.”

Grace be with you, my friends.