Windsor Castle and Weighted Heart

I enjoyed visiting Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel very much. Oh, by the way, if these posts are coming at an annoyingly fast rate, please just skip over. Amazingly enough, there are some people looking forward to these updates. Like two, I think. Two people.

Well we made it back to the Gatwick airport, where Jeff is working, all in one piece. There was just one tiny mishap getting on a train at the last minute. But it’s almost not worth mentioning that I tripped over our stroller and ended up with a bit of sandwich in my hair. It wasn’t my sandwich. Poor, appalled, nice British man encounters gawky, clutzy American girl chomping bubble gum and yelling, “can we push on? Can we push on please?” What does that EVEN MEAN?!

My legs and back ached terrible last night. I was guzzling Advil and trying not to cry, but it was worth it. I had hopes of touring Westminster Abbey today, but Justin is not up to it. He had to take a large dose of methotrexate yesterday so he’s tired and not feeling well.

We are camped out in our hotel room with a yummy snack I discovered. English cheese and chutney, whatever that is.

Justin is watching British cartoons and I’m mostly thinking/praying with a weighted heart for my sister-in-law and friend, Melissa Franklin. Love and grace be with you both.

Photo Commentary

Top row: The exterior of Windsor Castle. The building itself covers thirteen acres of ground, set in a lovely English town, slower paced and more traditional than London, which, aside from architecture dating back to the 11th century, is largely modernized and very busy. The town of Windsor was cobblestone streets and brick buildings, small shops and cozy taverns. And an enormous castle.

Second Row: A garden built in the place where a moat originally existed around the largest castle tower. Getting up close but not too personal with a member of the queen’s guards. Recalling what the policeman told me the night before, I behaved myself. Also the sanctuary of St. George’s chapel. There were many royal tombs inside, most notable to me being Henry VIII and one of his wives, Jane Seymour. (I remember learning about that crazy King and all those wives in History class)

Third Row: Beautiful architectural and artistic detailing in the walls and stained-glass windows of the Chapel.

Fourth Row: Grand entrance to the castle state rooms. Authentic suits of armor and the many paintings of Kings and Dukes. Just a neat fact, the queen possesses many drawings done by da Vinci, Raphael, and Rembrandt, located in the Royal library at Windsor Castle. But this, unfortunately, is not part of the public access tour. The castle is so enormous that their is an entire area called the Upper Ward, closed to the public, which inhabits many people, including the queen on weekends or whenever it suits her fancy.

Fifth Row: The king’s bedchamber and queen’s drawing room. The gold framed people looking down at me started to get a little creepy at this point.

Bottom row: I think that was a ballroom or some kind of important place. Knight Justin, of course. And several gowns worn by her majesty herself. There was a special exhibit called, “Fashioning a Reign”, which displayed many frocks worn by the queen, sorted according to time period as well as pictures and such of her wearing the various pieces. It was okay if you’re into that sort of thing. But I just kept thinking about this one diamond-studded gown which could feed a small country. Seemed like such a waste just hanging there being gawked at, catching dust.

Just a closing thought. The castle was grand indeed. But nothing in comparison to the “eternal weight of glory” that awaits those who put their faith in Christ Jesus by grace alone. 



One thought on “Windsor Castle and Weighted Heart

  1. I love seeing pics and hearing of your adventures. I admire you taking trains and the tube. Prayers for all hang in there Justin love kathy


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