Noel and Come What May

I think sometimes God gives moments like these to carry us through the more difficult to come.

This week, Justin will have a spinal tap, cerebrospinal fluid withdrawn, to check if the leukemia is still in remission. We will also learn if his chemo dosages will be increased due to white blood cell counts.

What can I say or do? Nothing. It’s completely out of my control. I’ll be thinking of decorating our Christmas tree with the boys. I’ll be thinking of reading advent scriptures with them. I’ll be trusting God and thinking about the joy of Noel.

Come what may, we have the gift of hope in Jesus.

One thought on “Noel and Come What May

  1. hI Katie and crew the boys are growing like weeds and get more handsome as they grow! The tree looks beautiful. I will be praying as always for everyone and that leukemia is still in remission, Love you all Kathy


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