A Thousand Reasons and Twenty-Nine Kisses

img_2980One of Justin’s chemotherapy medications will be increased by twenty-five percent. We were allowed to choose. We picked the drug that seems to cause the least side effects, although his doctor did say it was fair to assume he would feel worse, in general, due to the increase.

Justin handled fasting, port access and lumbar puncture better today than he has yet. He did not cry or complain or show anger and distress. He was all still waters and bravery.

I don’t like this setback of sorts, but we still have a thousand reasons for gladness. Sometimes the positive and good seem lost in a heavy fog. But resting in Jesus, perspective and sometimes a good bit of waiting, brings joy back into focus. Occasionally plodding and dragging itself, but, nevertheless, still enduring.

Still loopy from sedation, Justin told me I was allowed thirty kisses per day. “And you already used up twenty-nine.”

Grace be with you, my friends.


2 thoughts on “A Thousand Reasons and Twenty-Nine Kisses

  1. How sweet! Are you allowed an advance? Maybe borrow some from tomorrow.
    He’s a tough cookie like his mama. Love you guys.


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