Blue Camouflage Night Boots

Yep, that’s right.

Today, an orthopedist met with us and made “removable casts” on both Justin’s legs, from toes to knee, which will later be made into splints or “boots”.

The white layer made today will be covered with a camouflage top layer, which Justin was able to choose. He was even able to “design” the strap which will pull his toes upward as he sleeps. Black with a streak of fire, naturally.

After the casting, Justin was ready for stretches and a cutthroat game of basketball with his therapist. He smiled and high-fived her after adding his points to a winning score.

Today, I am especially grateful to live thirty minutes from one of the country’s top children’s hospitals and for our health coverage as well. Both easily taken for granted, but critical to Justin’s survival and well-being as he continues treatment for ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) and CIPN (chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy). Those are some wordy titles.

Yes, things get all hard edges and murky and muddy or even just weird sometimes. Night boots, really?

But we are still loved, unabandoned and not without hope. And, in that, I find strength to get through the next surgery, next spinal tap, next IV placement, next day, next hour, next minute. Strength to battle Justin over wearing these weird things every night because the “coolness” factor will wear off and then they’ll just be plain annoying.



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