Thoughts From a Bathroom Floor

IMG_4061It’s been a long forty-eight hours. Justin is not feeling well because of increased chemo, steroids and a nasty chest cold that may send us to clinic tomorrow. He’s done nothing but lie around and NEED. I’ve been beside him every minute.

I really hate steroids. He’s moody, sullen and then there’s the food thing. Without a hint of joking, he asked for a burger, lobster and corn on the cob for dinner. I improvised. Burgers I can do. A friend dropped off canned crab meat. Raised on Maryland bay crabs, I was scared to open it. It kinda looked like cat food. Ok how to make his taste like lobster. Butter. Sauté in a lot of butter. It was actually good! Okay I get it now. This is what they use to make restaurant crab cakes.

Here’s my attempt at satisfying those rampant undiscerning steroid cravings, albeit modified. Just trying to give my best like any other mom.

Justin didn’t eat ANY of it. And that’s how it goes on chemo.

Nicky just went to bed with a headache. I’m sitting on the bathroom floor writing this, but really just here to get a break. I NEED to clean this toilet. I’m getting up, finding my snow boots and going out for a walk.

Thank you for the cards and messages. We enjoyed reading them and it does really lift the spirits to know we aren’t journeying alone. Still, after enough time that most stories become old news. Thank you for that. Grace be with you, my friends.



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