Thoughts On A Pet Falcon

Today is Nicky’s birthday. We celebrated with homemade chicken pot pie, his fave, and cake with ice cream, of course.

He asked for several books, including one on falconry and a Bible with his name on it. Super happy about that.

Okay. A book on falconry. No problem.

He skimmed through it after opening the gift. “So, mom, when can I get my first falcon?” As if this is the most natural question in the world. And like a pet falcon makes perfect sense for an eleven-year-old. Our backyard: playhouse, trampoline, giant bird of prey.

Say what.

But this is my oldest son. For Kindergarten costume day, he went as a paleontologist. Making that costume threw me a bit. Twenty-two Spider-Mans and Disney princesses. And one ancient fossil scientist.

Happy Birthday, my Nicky. I’m very proud of everything you are. Keep being “fearfully and wonderfully made” YOU (Psalm 139:14). And I love you infinity.

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