596 Days…

…and 17th Spinal Tap 

Today was not easy by any stretch, but God was faithful to carry us through. It was a relatively smooth day at clinic. Justin is feeling sick and has slept most of the day. But that is normal after this procedure.

Justin’s liver situation has improved, but his white blood cell count is still too high. Chemotherapy dosages were increased, but not the drug which has been causing his leg and foot problems. I made sure of that.

Nicky and Michael were a surprisingly stellar support team. And Michael made friends with another “sibling” in the playroom.

We usually tell “knock-knock” jokes to help distract Justin from the lumbar puncture. Ever hear the “interrupting cow joke” from someone on Fetynol? Even our doctor has to laugh. Today I came equipped with fresh material.

Next month will mark the half-way point of Justin’s treatment. We symbolized his 18 remaining treatments with an orange paper chain. IMG_6615

Each month, Justin can rip off a link until the chain is gone and we are free. Well, we are praying it works out that way.

Thank you for the many encouraging messages. Very special thanks to sweet Chloe who is wearing a gold ribbon on her school backpack. How thoughtful you are!

Onward we go. Grace be with you, my friends.






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