Day 660

IMG_7415Justin continues to downward spiral this month. Extreme fatigue, headache and a ghost-white pallor caused me to bring him into clinic for an extra check up. Sure enough, he was in need of a blood transfusion to boost his counts. He won’t resume chemotherapy until this is resolved and his blood counts as well as liver is stable and able to handle it.

Justin’s temperature and blood pressure are both being monitored as he receives some kind person’s blood. Please remember blood saves lives, so please give if you are able!

I am trying to make this as “fun” as possible. Justin and his pal, Benjamin, have been killing time together playing Wii and are now watching Star Wars while cleaning out the patient snack pantry.

Not exactly sure why Justin’s body is suddenly reacting negatively to maintenance chemo. But I know God is faithful.


2 thoughts on “Day 660

  1. Hi Katie, prayers for Justin, you and your family. He’s tough little boy and you are a very strong faithful Christian mother.
    Please forgive me for not commenting often. I don’t read your blog and it is always very touching. God is faithful and He has it under control eveb thought it dosen’t seem like He does.
    I love you and I know must be exhausted. God truly is your strength.
    Love, Pat


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