Reflections of An Unlikely Dog Mom

The lowest point, thus far, came at 4am when I found myself standing outside on a lawn chair cutting down wind chimes with kitchen shears because I couldn’t reach the hook. Why do we even have wind chimes? Why would anyone have wind chimes!

The puppy was crying. Justin was crying because the puppy was crying. So I probably made the worst possible move and let Buddy out of the crate for a potty break. Only he didn’t make it.

So I found myself with two crying babies scrubbing doodie from the carpet. And the sound of the wind chimes…clang, clang, clang. That was just too much.

But, then, there is this…



One thought on “Reflections of An Unlikely Dog Mom

  1. Years ago when we found out my dad was sick, Pastor Franklin advised my mom to get my father a dog. He was right. That dog (while a trial for my mom) was wonderful for my dad. They weathered his illness together.
    I’m praying for you as you take on this added responsibility. And by the way, Buddy may be the cutest puppy I have ever seen.
    Chloe prayed for Justin yesterday evening without any prompting from us. It was her turn to pray, and Justin was on her heart. His friends love him and miss him.

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