Doggies All Day

Okay, last night was far better than my poopy-scrubbing-wind-chime-busting nervous breakdown. Buddy stayed in his crate without messing from about 10pm to 5am. Yay!

There was definitely this crying, howling, barking combo going on. But we rode it out in our beds, equipped with fans, headphones and ear plugs.

He saw a puppy doctor yesterday who says he’s very healthy. No parasites or fleas (gross). And he’s big. Twenty-one pounds – yikes!

All the boys love Buddy. But, Nicky, in particular, has been amazingly helpful with walking him and taking him to the vet.

Thank you for all the kind messages of support. Yes, I’m extra achy and fatigued, but I know it will pass.

Justin and I are reading the classic story “Ribsy” together so it’s doggies all day over here.

Justin will begin a new round of chemo early next week. Thank you for continued prayer. All glory to God for His grace and caring about the details of our lives; for giving us exactly what we need and, indeed, even more.



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