The results of the bone marrow were not clear so the biopsy – piece of bone – that was taken is being studied by pathologists.

Justin’s hemoglobin (red blood cells) dropped again so he is receiving another unit of blood and another unit of platelets as well.

He got a visit from some special friends today and we had some laughs playing games.

Waiting is hard but my help comes from the Lord. Thank you for support, prayers, visits and encouraging words.


One thought on “Update

  1. We talked to Chloe tonight about how you were still waiting for results. I said God has asked a lot of patience from your family bc waiting is hard. Chloe responded by saying, “yeah I get grumpy just waiting in line.” I think that is her way of saying she agrees – waiting is hard. We wait with you and are so encouraged by your updates. Continually praying for a peace that passes all understanding for you.


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