To Be An Oncology Parent

What is it like?

We live in fluorescent lights and pastel colors.

We are experts at maneuvering an IV pole.

We can say a whole lot to each other without saying anything at all.

We know how to manage siblings and pets, maintain our homes and jobs from a smart phone.

We are very good at smiling in front of our cancer kids while freaking out on the inside.

We know how to make crucial decisions on very little sleep or food.

We live on caffeine.

We are experts at reading doctor’s faces because, let’s be honest, they never REALLY answer questions or say anything we can actually understand.

Which makes us also experts at doing our own research.

And I have to stop my musings right there because a nurse just walked by and recognized me from the DC trip. (I am taking my first break out of the room in a sitting area where there are actual windows looking outside. Our window looks over then atrium.) She was also there advocating and shared that she is a cancer survivor. She was treated at this hospital and is now a pediatric oncology nurse here. How cool is that!

And I am convinced it is no accident that she happened to be walking by me.



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