The bottom line is that they still don’t know.

Justin has abnormal cells in his bone marrow but they are not the same as the leukemia cells he had before.

They are now testing for genetic abnormalities of his bone marrow, also called bone marrow failure.

However, they haven’t completely ruled out relapse  yet.

They are also testing him for rare viruses that can suppress bone marrow.

I get the impression it’s been a hot topic down in pathology. Even the doctor seemed annoyed. It’s a conundrum. It happens in the medical world. Even at CHOP.

The good news is that Justin is feeling fairly well after many units of blood and saline.

Also I washed my hair.

God knows what is going on. We have not been told his cancer is back, so, for now, we will delicately hold onto that.

We were able to get out of the room and take a walk earlier. Justin says, “May the Fourth be with you, but it’s only funny if you say it like Daffy Duck, Mom!”

Of course.


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