Day 838

Justin was very sick to his stomach last night. I think it’s probably the switch from IV to oral antibiotics. I will talk to his doctor today about a possible alternative.

We are headed out to clinic for his bloods to be checked and possible transfusions.

I am feeling a little refreshed after two nights in my own bed. For whatever reason, I decided to clean out my closet last night. Maybe because it was a disaster area or maybe it was that need to control something thing.

Think I had clothes from the 80’s in there. Before you call the Hoarding: Buried Alive people on me, I am happy to say nine bags of give-aways or throw-aways are packed and ready to go.

Justin rested in bed among pretzel crumbs, while I sorted.

Distractions can be a good thing.

We read a devotional with the kids last night about Joseph. If ever there was an example of God using evil for good, it would be his life story. Sold out by his own brothers into slavery only to become a powerful ruler in Egypt, second only to Pharoah.

Not that I want Justin to rule Egypt. I’d just like him to not be sick anymore.

Thank you for continued prayer and support.


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