For crying out loud, Justin has a virus!

Viruses in cancer patients can cause all sorts of problems, including bone marrow suppression (where blood cells are made).

I honestly did not think this would be the outcome. Apparently, Justin’s doctors didn’t either as they ordered the bone marrow aspiration before the blood tests for viruses.

Justin is not in leukemia relapse. He is just  very sick with a nasty virus.

Justin did not need a transfusion today! But his red blood cell count did drop a little so he may need one Wednesday when he is checked again.

He will also need to continue with antibiotics and intravenous immunoglobulin to treat immunodeficiency. I will be keeping him home in a bubble made of Lysol wipes and limiting visitors.

There is still a major issue with finding veins and IV placements. He endured three sticks today. Justin will have a pic line placed in his arm until he is fully recovered from the virus and bone marrow suppression.

I am extremely relieved, just also very exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster.

Our prayers have been heard and answered. Thank you for staying with us. GOD IS FAITHFUL.



2 thoughts on “Results

  1. Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy! Thank you for your testimony throughout this journey. Will continue to pray. Take a few moments to just enjoy the sunshine on your face–you’ve earned it! ❤


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