Day 839 – We Press On

The news is beginning to sink in.

Justin is not in relapse. He is still in remission. He will not have several more years of chemo. We do not need to start looking for a bone marrow donor match.

He has a virus. A stinkin’ virus.

It will be a tough few weeks until this is all resolved. But that is much, much better than a few more years.

I was never the alarmist, germophobic type mom. But I just ordered almost a hundred dollars worth of antibacterial wipes, spray and soap.

I know you can’t control these things. But me and my Amazon prime order are certainly going to put up a good fight against future viruses.

Today I am praying thanks, cleaning and pushing yogurt on Justin to help his stomach handle the siege of antibiotics.

Again, I thank you for unparalleled support and faithfulness to prayer. I will continue to update as we move forward in recovery.

95B98470-7596-4B21-BD76-8D8D40373910I write from our backyard, where I am soaking some sun into my vitamin D deficient, pasty, hospital pallor. I can see that my lilac bushes have bloomed again. And I can’t help but quote a friend who is now with Jesus.

“God is good. In all things. All the time.” ~Andrew Franklin

3 thoughts on “Day 839 – We Press On

  1. Amen, amen! Hearing from you is an encouragement, always. We are praising God with you and praying for healing everyday.


  2. Amen Drew! We may not always see the good, but eventually the Lord reveals it. Whether now or in eternity, we will see the glory of God revealed in our trials.


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