The President Will Sign the STAR Act Today!

To all my cancer family and friends as well as anyone who is interested, President Trump will sign the STAR Act into law today at 5:15 EST. I am told the signing ceremony can be viewed on C-span and will be live-streamed on

This is a very exciting day for all childhood cancer patients, survivors, cancer moms, cancer dads and childhood cancer advocates. I have prayed for this outcome and am thanking God for His grace.

It has been an honor to join and work with the Childhood Cancer Twitter Advocacy Team (and Lee, our darling fearless leader!)  as well as the American Alliance for Childhood Cancer in my precious few spare minutes.

I am including a graphic made by my friend, Joe Baber, an awesome childhood cancer advocate, whom I met in DC last September. He GETS it.

But it wasn’t just moms who made this happen. This is the concentrated effort and tireless work of cancer families, non-profit organizations and advocates across the country. This is countless hours invested in writing letters, emails and messaging on social media. This is travel and sacrifice of personal time as well as exhausting many other resources. This is blood, sweat, tears, grief, suffering and prayers. It is not for the faint of heart. Join us today in grateful celebration. We earned it.





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