Real Mom Confession

Kids have NEEDS. Homework, school projects, school events, activities, sports, concerts, plays, clothes and shoes that actually fit, hair cuts, soap, toothpaste, doctor’s appointments, medication, practice this, practice that and on and on and on.

Kids talk a LOT. Mom, what is fiber? Mom, this kid at school looked at me. Mom, when is Christmas? Mom, I need help. Mom, that’s not fair. Mom, are you coming to my game? Mom, I need new cleats. Mom, why does your hair look weird? Mom, can I watch TV? Mom, why did he get to sit in the front 3 times this week? Mom, what was the Cold War? Mom, I need a poster board. Mom, where does your poop go when you flush the toilet? Mom, look at this picture I drew and LET ME TELL YOU EVERY SINGLE DETAIL ABOUT IT.

My point is life with kids never, ever stops and that doesn’t even touch your job if you have one, taking care of the house, taking care of YOURSELF. 

Me? I run around all day like a headless chicken, putting our fires, solving problems, answering questions. Then I go take a shower and realize I forgot to buy shampoo. Because you are always irreparably OUT of something!

I begin to feel like it’s very possible I am one empty toilet paper roll away from a nervous breakdown.

And, then, God in His grace, gently reminds me of His goodness and design and that every little detail is there for a reason. The stress begins to melt and is replaced with a grateful heart. Because really and truly, I am thankful I get to be a mom to my three amazing boys and all the million little challenges that come along with them. Grace be with you, moms and friends. 



2 thoughts on “Real Mom Confession

  1. “One empty toilet paper roll away from a nervous breakdown” would make a great book title or tag line. I’ve joked that if I ever wrote a book on my years as a mom it would be called “Where did all the paper towels go?”

    But those are the little things that taken with a grain of humor can help facilitate a grateful heart. ❤️


  2. Ahhh the wonderful life of parenting. Isn’t it fantastic to know that you have lives leaning on you for every single need.😫😭🤯
    I love being able to look at my relationship with my kids in hindsight and realize how much I tortured my own parents. More importantly I see how much I lay my burdens on my heavenly father and how he answers faithfully with what I need rather than what I want. He is ever faithful delving out grace and peace and most needed mercy. He reminds me that I am made in his image and should be striving to be more like him, ever reflecting his glory to my kids so that some day they will look to him to be their all in all.


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