A Christmas Card of Sorts

Procuring cards, stamps and the old address book just didn’t happen this year. But here I can share with you where my head is at when not stuck in a laundry basket or to-do list. 

Joy — After several years attending holiday concerts, watching his brothers and feeling sick, Justin went on stage tonight and sang his little heart out!

Love — Let us not forget those who are hurting, sick or alone this season. Encouraging us to open our hearts and our homes! 

Peace — Jesus made a way for us to be reconciled to God, and in Him, we are free! 

From our family to yours, 
Merry Christmas





One thought on “A Christmas Card of Sorts

  1. Merry Christmas Katie! This is an awesome Christmas card full of truth! We are praising the Lord with you for Justin’s good report at the docs, for full days of school and for your new house.


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