Day 1339

627E2530-7767-4ED7-9C86-6796B62D42BFAside from stable blood counts and a good physical exam, which both indicate remission, we had a little breakthrough today at clinic! For the first time in 4 years, Justin’s legs popped when the little hammer came out. He has regained some of his reflexes! His legs are slowly but surely improving. We were so excited to see this happen.

8DD89C26-8FAA-4231-B445-AAED1D1633B9After a much-needed break, Justin will resume physical therapy. We continue to hope and pray for full restoration of his legs and feet. However, we remember, with deep gratitude, how far he has come. When Justin was first diagnosed, he completely lost his ability to walk. He did not take steps on his own for several months. It has been an uphill climb since then. Here, he is pictured with his flag football team, where it is sometimes a challenge for him to keep up, but overall Justin does very well! 

Speaking of the diagnoses, we received this punch-in-the-guts-life-altering news four years ago this week. This coming Thursday, Justin’s teacher and I have collaborated on a special celebration with his classmates at school to commemorate this milestone. Four years in remission! 

8B8BB1A1-94E9-4B93-BD2D-3542795F6836Recently, Justin mentioned that he missed the attention he received while on treatment. It occurred to me that, of course, this must be a difficult transition for kids. To go from being the center of attention and the kid everyone is nice to because of cancer, to blending into normalcy; a place where you don’t get ice cream every time you want it and, suddenly, you are sometimes having rude exchanges with the same kids who made you get well cards. Hey, we get this. Kids are kids. 

Thinking about this inspired me to plan this little lunch party to enjoy with his friends and teacher. Not that I think it’s a brilliant idea to prolong the idea of special treatment. But after being a mom for almost fourteen years, I’ve learned that kids need gradual transitions with any kind of big change.

Stayed tuned for pictures and commentary on this upcoming event and please join us in prayer as we will also spend time thanking God for his continued grace, love and healing.

B3783F6F-0CBF-40F6-96A2-CDD87F7D913AI know God sees our little boy. I know he has seen every tear. Every heartache. Every fear. And I still believe He is working it all for GOOD. Grace be with you, my friends.

And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God; to them who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

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