Day 1641

Justin is holding steady in remission, with great blood counts and a good physical exam today. He has been visiting the oncology clinic every two months, but, going forward, he will now receive quarterly check-ups.

We are told Justin will begin the survivorship program in 2022!

This morning, he said, “Mom, when I grow up I want to be either a preacher or a mall cop or probably both actually.”

(Um okay?)

Me: “I think that would be perfect.”

3 thoughts on “Day 1641

  1. Tears come when I think about how far the Lord has brought you on this journey. Quarterly check ups! That’s great. Chloe loves to hear how well Justin is doing. These are the days that we prayed for. Days where Justin could go to school and place in the spelling bee (I think I saw somewhere that he placed in his class spelling bee)! So awesome! Thank you for continuing to share. We’re still listening and praying and praising God with you!

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