Jet Lag


So flat-on-your-face exhaustion and complete mental time zone confusion actually hits the second day, not the first. It’s 3:30pm here and we’re just heading out.

Our plan is that we don’t really have a plan. Jeff is finished working for the day so we are all going to jump on a train and hit the last tour of the day somewhere in London or maybe go to Buckingham Palace and see if I can get a guard to crack a smile.

Two spots of Earl Grey, a “biscuit” and a few bites of a “grilled cheese” sandwich. I may actually lose weight on this trip.

It is NOT raining or foggy here, which I expected. Apparently they’re having the best weather in a while here in the UK. Everybody calls it that. “England” is so yesterday.

More on our adventurous yet sleepy field trip to come…


One thought on “Jet Lag

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time in the UK. Lol I am responding backwards. I looked at your most recent posts but am just responding now. What a wonderful experience that you can use while homeschooling Justin. Enjoy yourself and try not to over do it.
    Love, Pat


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