Full of Faithful

Melatonin for better sleep and something called L-theanine, an extract found in green tea to relieve anxiety. These are supplements Michael is now taking courtesy of my after hours research.

All media has been removed for him, including television and video games. Yes, I think, for some children, certain images can cause and/or exacerbate anxiety. We are replacing screen time with board games, Lego building, charades, word searches.

I have already seen some improvement.

Michael will work with a therapist to help him cope with his own anxiety as well as extra worries that have resulted from the demon who is cancer. Michael’s own personal journey alongside Justin.

Michael’s teacher and other appropriate people have been informed and are working with us to ensure best results. I, again, ask for reaching out to stay limited to encouraging words. And prayer, of course, is the best thing anyone can do for us.

I want to send a very special thank you to Grace Church in Delaware for your consistent support. Your cards and well wishes are received and much appreciated! I had in mind to send a note or call but I’m sure I may never remember. So, thank you. And thank you to those who have stayed with us, still, as we fast approach 500 days in this thing.

God is so full of faithful.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I look forward to doing absolutely nothing. No, we are not the number 40 yet, but very close. Except I feel 80. I’m including some pictures from the past couple weeks, which I’ve been perusing for good cheer. Commentary below. Grace be with you, my friends.

1. Making a volcano.

2. Long time friend and I went to GCCS together now are 5th grade moms there together

3. Justin and the first grade class at GCCS

4. Michael conquers monkey bars

5. Nicky at the school carnival and baking shortbread, an “English snack” for his history project

6. Justin built a “scene from Jaws” out of Legos. No, he has not seen the movie so I should probably look into that.

7. Mom-Mom wearing the apron Justin picked for Mother’s Day

8. Mr. Netz, principal at GCCS, sent Justin a “Math Genius” award because…well, he is one…and there are just no award ceremonies in home school

9. I was made “Flower Princess Teacher” for the day, courtesy of the first grade girls

10. Justin hangs with his friends, Liv and Ryan

11. Nicky sings out at GCCS Spring Concert


2 thoughts on “Full of Faithful

  1. My prayers are with you on this long journey I have faith in you and Jeff will persevere through this you are wonderful parents and we are so very proud the pics are fantastic and I support all that you are doing. Love and prayers


  2. I’ve been away and am just now catching up on emails. My heart goes out to you. Praying the beautiful rainbow representing the end of this storm comes very soon for you and your family. Thank you for your faithfulness, which is a testimony to us all. God is still in control, although I’m sure you are at times at war with the doubt that tries to force its way in. Draw on His Spirit for power, comfort, and for sight to see that He’s working this out for your good and for His glory. Our God has the power to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually–in every way! Praying that day of healing dawns very soon! Know you are loved by Him and by us. ❤


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