Day 947 Update

Justin’s CBC came back good. We are home and resting. Thank you for messages of encouragement.

Psalm 145




Day 947

814CD5B7-A601-4FE1-98FD-3A6FBA59EE1AJustin has contracted another virus so we have made an impromptu visit to clinic for a CBC. A virus that you or I could shake off is a big deal for an immunocompromised cancer patient. Hoping this is not a repeat of what happened in May.

Waiting. I was never really good at being on hold, but now I have to be. Thank you for support and prayers.

Birthday Photo Gallery

Happy birthday to our little warrior! We are so grateful to God for bringing us this far. This is Justin’s third birthday spent while in treatment. It is our hope and prayer that next year (9th birthday!) he will be chemo and cancer-free!

Thank you for your ongoing love, support and prayers!

Parents, The Struggle is Real

Uniforms, shoes, folders, binders, paper, tissues, pencils, green pens.

Green pens, really??

That doesn’t even begin to cover half of my list.

54D93911-EDEF-4C56-9D7F-8599C2C0722EWhat happens to moms if you just DON’T GO back-to-school shopping?

I may start a revolution.

Until then, grace be with your iced latte and battle-weary self in the war-torn school aisles of Walmart.



Day 935

Justin is pooped after physical therapy.

247C253F-84D4-4A2C-A2EE-B8A7DA0D7F70Nicky gets his own special movie night with us. Finding this individual time with the boys isn’t easy, but so important as our family continues to journey with pediatric cancer.

AE042A29-CF7C-4B5E-B53D-C692BC4ADE54And me? I got my nails done. Thank you for ongoing support and prayers.

Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

Day 932

Justin is wiped out today. He’s tired, cranky and in pain, the works. Think we are pretty much couch-bound for the day.

But yesterday, he had lots of fun playing “squash the lemon” with his bro and their cousins. Michael is a tough little lemon.

Cancer Mom Confession

What do cancer moms really think when we are judged? Please. We are too busy with real problems. We don’t give a crap.

With her permission, I have shared an unedited conversation between myself and Ruth McCrea, a friend in Canada. I have never met Ruth, but I know her very well because she is also a cancer mom.

And a dang good one, too. This is a mom, who, in an unbelievably selfless act of solidarity, shaved her long, lovely hair when her beautiful baby girl lost hers to chemo.

Ruth posted the following comment on Twitter, and the rest is our subsequent conversation:

I ate very well and took care of myself. I ran and did yoga daily while pregnant, had unmedicated/natural childbirth, breastfed exclusively, fed her organic food, etc. At 2 she was diagnosed with cancer and has relapsed 3 times. Tomorrow I’m eating Blizzards. Life’s too short!

Me: Hi friend, hope you don’t mind the DM. Am wondering if I may quote you on my blog. Your last tweet about doing everything right while pregnant, breastfeeding etc., and life being too short. I love that. And I think sometimes people judge us who have children with cancer. Like we just fed them processed crap all day or something. I didn’t do everything “right” when I was pregnant and didn’t buy only organic. But I did the best I could. Anyway, I’d love to put your quote out there to my readers. Of course, I would give you credit by name. If you’d rather I don’t, though, I completely understand. Hope Mini continues to be the boss over the devil from hell, which is pediatric cancer. Lots of love from one cancer mom to another.

Ruth: Please do!

…and yes, of course they do. I try not to be too jaded about it and just move on. If anything it’s helped me round-out as a person. I had never even shopped at Walmart before (I know) and was almost embarrassed to buy a non-organic vegetable.

Now I occasionally say, “Do you guys want McDonalds for dinner?” …and I don’t even feel bad about it!

This meme is super powerful too I think! In a funny way…

Or Tweet I guess it is. Multiple close-friends have sent it to me.


I was Cynthia pre-cancer.

Me: Lol! So funny. I love your disposition. Thanks for letting me share and keep keeping it real mama.

Ruth: 💛 Night-night