A Game of Kickball is now Civil Disobedience

NJ parks are not really open. The playgrounds are roped-off like crime scenes. There are several police vehicles posted around watching everyone. Creepy.

A couple friends and I took the kids out for much-needed exercise and fresh air. We got a kickball game going on an empty baseball field. We were spread apart and not touching one another.

A police officer came over and told us to leave. I respectfully reminded him that we are taxpayers with rights. He said that he understood but “he doesn’t make the rules.” I might have pushed further if not for the kids. I chose to model respect for authority (armed authority) than model standing up for my civil liberties.

But why, oh why, in America, should I have to make this choice?

Thoughts on Checking Boxes

We make up all these “boxes” that “need” to be checked. But do we really think through why we are doing what we are doing?

Maybe we don’t need to take ourselves so seriously.

When I stop to take a good look at my “boxes” I sometimes see where I am putting all this pressure on myself over some stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Just saying, take a minute to check your boxes. You might end up having a better day. 

Real Mom Confession

What having a kid with cancer taught me is, well, a lot of things. But one currently useful thing is this: a crises will pass.

Now what things will look like on the other end of it is a different story.

But the crises itself WILL pass.

Day Two of Homeschool/Quarantine

Michael was done his assignments in 39 minutes. The other two, not so much.

From a mom who has taught in the classroom and homeschooled a cancer patient: parents, be gentle with yourselves.

Make a schedule. Realize you probably won’t stick to it perfectly. Take breaks. Compliment successes more than criticizing failures. Yours too. One thing at a time. Do something fun.