Thoughts on Reinventing Mother’s Day and a Tribute to a Very Special Mom

Well, honestly, my first inclination was to post a picture of my three handsome boys piled all around me with breakfast in bed and homemade cards.

Then I realized how incredibly tone deaf that would be…

DCABA843-62FF-4C14-9E5B-DDB024143218Then I realized how incredibly tone deaf that would be for those who are hurting today. I know moms who have lost their children to cancer or drugs or just disagreements, people who have lost their moms, women who cannot have children, single moms, those rejected by their moms, those in foster care who were taken from their moms and, finally, those who cannot be with or have lost their moms to this current pandemic.

…take a moment to  “read the room” before jumping on our social media pages.

Today is supposed to be a celebration of motherhood, but for many it is bitter sweet or just plain bitter. However, most will post the same kind of pictures I almost did. Not that we shouldn’t we grateful for how we are blessed. Absolutely, we should. But we can have an incredibly thankful heart and still take a moment to “read the room” before jumping on our social media pages.

ECE2091B-0E55-45C9-803D-1D391C3CEE66While I am eternally grateful for my boys, instead of posting a picture that may cause another person grief because it is a situation that is currently beyond their reach, I want to dedicate this Mother’s Day to three people who had an amazing mom. Their mom had a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh. She listened without judgement and loved unconditionally.

She had a keen ability to laugh at herself and the hot pan of flying chicken was no exception. 

She was no artist in the kitchen and I’ve been told a story many times about chicken being thrown down the hall one time when one of her children complained, “chicken, again?” Years later, a piece of petrified chicken was found behind a picture frame. She had a keen ability to laugh at herself and the hot pan of flying chicken was no exception. 

2DCF70CE-748D-429B-9C27-02FC75DCD276But her creativity shown in many beautiful scrapbooks she made. You see, she had a disease that she knew would take her life in a cruel and untimely way. She made sure to spend her last years writing anecdotes, collecting photographs and telling her story so that she would live on with her children and grandchildren.

I know these three people very well who are missing this very special mom today. Because she is my mother-in-law, who passed from complications due to a long battle with multiple sclerosis in November, 2015.

80353C84-5898-447C-9A2F-8B01D599D93ESo to my husband, Jeff, sister-in-law, Julie, and my bro Jason, today, I “celebrate” Mother’s Day a little differently by sharing your burden and dedicating time to remember her with you. I also offer the reminder to hope in God. I know that Jesus carried Mom home because of her faith in Him and her understanding of Amazing Grace. 


Katharyhn Helen Johnson-Pierantozzi 9/3/1945 – 11/9/2015

A Game of Kickball is now Civil Disobedience

NJ parks are not really open. The playgrounds are roped-off like crime scenes. There are several police vehicles posted around watching everyone. Creepy.

A couple friends and I took the kids out for much-needed exercise and fresh air. We got a kickball game going on an empty baseball field. We were spread apart and not touching one another.

A police officer came over and told us to leave. I respectfully reminded him that we are taxpayers with rights. He said that he understood but “he doesn’t make the rules.” I might have pushed further if not for the kids. I chose to model respect for authority (armed authority) than model standing up for my civil liberties.

But why, oh why, in America, should I have to make this choice?

Thoughts on Checking Boxes

We make up all these “boxes” that “need” to be checked. But do we really think through why we are doing what we are doing?

Maybe we don’t need to take ourselves so seriously.

When I stop to take a good look at my “boxes” I sometimes see where I am putting all this pressure on myself over some stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Just saying, take a minute to check your boxes. You might end up having a better day. 

Real Mom Confession

What having a kid with cancer taught me is, well, a lot of things. But one currently useful thing is this: a crises will pass.

Now what things will look like on the other end of it is a different story.

But the crises itself WILL pass.